Quote of the day and finals

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So I'm blogging. I haven't done it very consistently this semester, because I've been so busy with school. I'm currently knee-deep in finals, which means I should be the busiest I've been semester. Naturally, this means that I'm doing everything I possible can to procrastinate, like: cleaning my room, playing with a purple feather boa, blogging, organizing picture files, eating chips, downloading music, watching funny videos on youtube for the 100000000th time, facebooking every 30 seconds, and calling everyone I can think of "just to say hi." I just completed the world's most hilarious hypothetical research paper ever written, and if my grandparents didn't occasionally peek at my blog I would copy/paste it on here. But I don't want to scare them with my gross humor. Even the title would be too much I think.

Quote of the day:
S: "Miss Palmer, can we go shopping with you?"
Me: "No..."
E: "Please?! But it would be like a mother-daughter date!"
Me: "But I'm not your mother."
E: (Wistfully) "I wish you were."
S: "You'd be a cool mom! My dad used to have a green mohawk!"

No, I haven't grown a mohawk. But apparently I'm equally as cool as her dad's old green mohawk.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Can you email me the title of your essay? Green mo-hawks aren't cool, but regular ones kind of are.

Melissa said...

Funny kids! hehe! I miss your silly-ness!

Caroline said...

Dude you better bring that paper with you, I must see it! haha I have a really, really sad paper that I wrote for english that made my english teacher cry and she told me dramatically, it was a work of art! hahaha that sounded totally Mrs. Darvus or whatever her name is for High School Musical drama teacher. Can't wait until you come!!!! :D

Tracie said...

Lauren. Update this already! :)