A list of the random crap that makes me totally PSYCHED TO BE ALIVE right now!!

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In no particular order:
1. Ocean Spray's new powdered beverage that has the same amount of calories as Crystal Light, but comes in all of those delicious cranberry flavors. Especially White Cranberry Peach.
2. Cranberry bogs.
3. Massachusetts.
4. Sales and bargains!
5. Finding really decent furniture FOR FREE on Craig's list. I mean really, who wants to buy a dresser at IKEA when you can get a sturdier one FOR FREE!?!?
6. Classic rock on the way to work. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, etc.
7. The Lonely Island
8. Friends (the dope, down-a people, not the TV show. I don't have a TV! Ha!)
9. Hot tubs
10. Losing 7 pounds
11. Neon-colored nail polish
12. Starting graduate school in a month... ahh!!
13. My sister and one of my BFFs coming to visit... practically at the same time!
14. My nephew
15. Looking at the Boston skyline whenever I drive anywhere
Seriously, I could keep going... but I'm too psyched! I'm going to pump up the jams and get down with my bad self!


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I love finding things things that make me ultra happy, like great music. I have been on a Led Zepplin kick recently, and I think they are great. Same with the Boston Skyline. So majestic.

Mrs. Clark said...

Lauren, are you The Boob Nazi who posts on Seriously So Blessed? And do you know who Token Asian Friend is?

Lauren Palmer said...

Cari, I wish I was The Boob Nazi... I find that hilarious. Don't know who Token Asian Friend is. Sorry!