Greetings from Boston... an e-postcard chock-full of pics!

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My sentiments exactly! I've been back in the grand Commonwealth of Massachusetts for two weeks and three days now, and it's been mighty eventful. I started my new job shortly after I got here, MY CHURCH BURNED DOWN, etc. No trips to the hospital yet, but that's probably because I haven't unpacked my kitchen knives and my blender is MIA. I'll keep you posted. So even though I'm insanely busy, sometimes I get "bored" and I don't know what to do with myself. Usually, said boredom leads to napping or reading. Other times, it's effective enough to get my grad school applications finished and submitted (yay!) Today, boredom yields to blogging, and I think it was about time. For some reason or another, there are crazy people out in the blog-o-sphere who are interested in what I'm up to. So here's a brief glimpse at the crazy world of Lauren Kay Palmer, formerly of 756 Greenridge Dr., now of 20 Greylock Rd.

This is the house I live in. The landlord lives in the bottom, and we live on top. See the door on the far right-hand side? That's our door. Notice the three front-most of the top-story windows? Those are my bedroom windows. That's right, my room spans the whole length of the house. Because I'm gangsta like that. If you couldn't tell from that last picture, the house is painted toothpaste green: and is accented in bright yellow (doors, light fixtures, mail boxes. I don't think you can see the bright yellow in that picture.) It isn't the Taj Mahal, but I'm already feeling attached to my gigantic bedroom and my proximity to everything hip, or "the student ghetto" as some of my friends lovingly refer to it. Dying to see my bedroom? Oh, alright, fine. Here's a picture of half of it (because I had to stand in the other half to take the picture, duh!): and yes, I do actually consistently make my bed, except usually not on the mornings after I've been strangled or otherwise assaulted at work. I'm really tired those mornings. So it's pretty huge, this bedroom! The picture only shows half of it, but the other half isn't special, so I didn't take two pictures. The bedroom being phenomenal makes up for other short-comings in the apartment, like the fact that the only communal living space is the kitchen because the living room is a walk-through bedroom now, or the oven situation. I won't gripe, even though I love to cook and find an oven essential. Instead, I'll just show this picture, which is worth 1,000 words:

That's right, no numbers on that dial. And I'm not very astute at sensing temperature to the degree yet. I may just develop that talent though.
Another downfall (probably literally, at some point)? The stairs.
Some people, especially my family, my dentist, and the kids of my 5th grade class, know that I don't do stairs. Yes, the rug smells as bad as it looks, and yes, I fear for my life whenever I walk down them. I'm just that clumsy.
I don't think I have much more to say about the fast times I'm having in Allston, so I'll just leave you with one more picture, the poster on my front door, which classifies it as an establishment (yes, I live in an establishment.) More fun to come!



Tracie said...

Yay, you posted an update! Your place looks fabulous, and congrats on finally finishing those applications. Also, I hate to break it to you, but those old oven temperature dials aren't incredibly accurate anyway ... I would just look at a picture of a dial online and then guestimate ... write on markings with white out to bring it back to life.

Ashley Miller said...

I stole my mom's oven thermometer, and it has been of incalculable value, as our oven's dials are off by about 75 degrees. I highly recommend picking one up. Love the new digs.

Sarah said...

I'm curious to see how one does get good enough at telling temperatures to use an oven like that.

Lauren Palmer said...

it takes a lot of hallucinogenics to get good at reading temperatures.

Melissa said...

haha I love you! You are so funny, my dear! Just make sure you are not trying to learn oven temperatures by touching the burners inside...that WILL earn you a trip to the emergency room.