Help me!

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Who wants to write my grad school application essays for me? They're HARD! And I'm not used to writing anything that isn't data-based anymore! Help!


Chrissie said...

I'll write your application essays if you write my thesis for me. Fair trade, right?

Mrs. Clark said...

Hi, Lauren, Cari Clark here, your mom's friend.

I have two acquaintances with autistic kids who they feel were affected by vaccinations. One is our stake president, who sued and got a settlement from a vaccine company.

I read what dooce had to say about vaccinations. When I was a kid in L.A., I had the measles and chicken pox (as did your parents, I'm sure) and they certainly were not considered a life-threatening disease then, as polio was.

Having had three kids, I do believe in vaccinations, but on a modified schedule, and I certainly would like to see mercury eliminated from the serum. At the same time, sexually-transmitted diseases, such as Hepatitis B and HPV, are not a threat to young children and I would never have my kids vaccinated for those unless I thought it was absolutely necessary. Polio and smallpox I absolutely believe in, but not before 2-6 months. MMR, not so much, and I think it's better given at age 1. I have never had a 'flu shot, and I think they are unnecessary for people who do not have compromised immune systems. The elderly, chronically ill, or those who are exposed to a lot of other people (such as schoolteachers and health-care workers) need them.

So that's my two cents' worth.

Lauren Palmer said...

(How on earth did you find my blog?! I'm excited you did!)
I agree with you on several points that you brought up, especially pointing out non-essential vaccines, like HPV. How crazy did that propaganda make you... 10 year-old girls being one less person to get the disease! I guess we have a unique perspective, with our crazy belief in abstinence before marriage. And flu shots? I've never had one either. In fact, my mom- with her compromised immune system- had one, and was très ill for a full week. I think education is the key... we need to know what goes into our bodies and not be afraid to stand up to the profiteers in order to save our health.

Mrs. Clark said...

Hey, Lauren! First of all, I have to say you are a WONDERFUL writer. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Kathleen Cannon (Gurrbonzo) linked with our Utah Baby Namer website, and I started reading her stuff. I became addicted to Seriously, So Blessed from that. Then I found Stephanie Nielsen's blog and started communicating with her. You commented on one of her posts, so I went to your blog to see if you were the right Lauren Palmer, and there you were!

Stephanie told me that you went on Study Abroad with her. Cool!

Oh, you should have witnessed the scene in the Adolescent Medicine doctor's office when I argued with them about the Hep B vaccine for Meredith when she was about 15. Doctor (young, in a very condescending voice) "Well, if you DON'T plan on having sex until you're MARRIED..." Meredith interrupted him with, "I'm not!" It was obvious he couldn't imagine anyone living like that anymore.

Later, I realized: Hey, I'm the one who is advocating the safest, wisest course of action--why aren't they encouraging that?

I think they have just been so inculcated in worst-case scenarios that they think every baby should have every shot known to man before they leave the maternity ward. I don't agree. In a predominantly middle-class, well-educated area like Belmont, No. Virginia, even La Canada, no baby before the age of 6 months is likely to get exposed to any of the diseases we inoculate for. Anyway, enough ranting! Glad I found you on the web! Thanks for reading my blog, too!