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So... I love to organize things. Everything. A lot. When I was kid, I used to have sleepovers with a girl in my class (who I won't name.) She had one of the messiest bedrooms I've ever seen, and I would spend the ENTIRE sleepover cleaning and organizing her room. As like an 8 year-old. It turns out, my best friend at the time would also sleep over and do the same thing. I guess neurotics stick together? Anyway, any shows on T.V. about clutter-busting or organizing definitely catch my interest, like today's episode of Oprah. Part of the joy was, of course, an offer to spend your hard-earned savings on things to help you organize! I thought I'd share the love... since I really love the Container Store. If you need anything, this coupon should make you pretty happy! It's valid as many times as you want to use it for almost a month for 25% off at the Container Store! That's huge!