A Family Affair

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Ever heard of Stevie Wonder?
We have! On Monday night, mom, dad, allie and I had the pleasure of attending a Stevie Wonder concert... his first tour in 15 years. Here's us, thrilled! before the show starts:
So Stevie played a lot of great stuff. And he's so funny! He's got a really engaging stage presence. So Stevie had all 3 of his kids on stage participating in the show, mostly Aisha as a backup singer/dancer. At one point, Stevie invited Aisha to sing a solo, which she did (it was a love song) after which he said "don't cry bebe" in a funny little accent, then broke right into "Isn't She Lovely" with Aisha right on stage! It was cute. Later, Stevie mentioned the Guinness Book of World Records, and how there are these records for the longest song, and whatnot, and said "but I wonder, how many people have made love to one of my songs?" He then pulled his son (in his 20's) up on stage, and asked him if he ever used one of dad's songs to get a little something-something. He had his son sing it, and then sang it again himself. Mom and Dad did a little cuddling during that part. I wonder...
We had a great time! It was so fun, and the Hollywood bowl was a great arena for the show. Here's a picture before the show and during:
On the second shot, you can see the little screens with Stevie rocking out on the harmonica!! Dad and I got beer dumped on us from behind, but other than that the night was a complete, joyous success.